Donnerstag, 2. November 2006

droplet hat & swapping again

since christine sent me last week two skeins of a lovely pumpkin-coloured yarn i was thinking about a new cap and began to look for a pattern which could work. two evenings ago i decided to try the droplet hat from knitting nature. i love the norah-gaughan-style and the hat turns out quite lovely. i modified the pattern to be knit in the round and its quick to knit with cute little details. maybe this evening it will be finished. the weather here calls for scarves, mittens and hats.
the weather was also a good reason to join another swap: bev & scoutj are doing a new knit kit swap for mittens and gloves. and because the knit sock kit was so entertaining i´m on again.
you can sign up here till saturday on swap-bot. would be fine to see you there!

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