Donnerstag, 16. November 2006

once upon a time

i´m knitting - very slowly and very thoughtful i´m doing the k1p1-part of the seaman scarf and meanwhile i´m enjoying my new framed picture vis-a-vis of the sofa. it shows a lovely scenery in udine/italy, its raining, a girl is waiting for someone and on the left ( you can´t see it but i know it) there´s the bar americano.
i have been there some years ago only for a few days and i loved the city and the region between venice and trieste. last january i found this photo hanging in maria´s kitchen and she was so kind to present me a copy of it. last week i bought the frame and now i can do my boring knitting while this picture makes me so happy. simply perfect for cold misty evenings with some hot tea.