Sonntag, 26. November 2006

socks again & a postcard

new socks are on my needles: another pair of embossed leaves (did i tell you yet that i love this pattern?!) which were ordered as a birthday present in december. the photo is 2 days old and since that time - due to meet to knit last friday - the heel is finished and i will continue with the feet today.
yesterday a lovely postcard arrived all the long way from ohio - from my knit mitt kit SP! such a wonderful idea and great surprise! thank you so much!!
there are 7 weeks left till the kits have to be shipped and i have to plan the bag. i will sew it again (as my last one for the sock kit) and have still some patterns but no fabric yet.
everything about the my new adorable "original schneeschaf edition - handdyed by andrea" will be presented soon here on this blog - so stay tuned.

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