Dienstag, 12. September 2006

knitting here & there

the knitting of my blue vest was currently stopped because of the birthday-present for my sister. last winter she told me that the only things she wants to get from me as a birthday- or christmas-present have to be handknitted from me! as always i´m late and because of that i decided to knit a sunflower tam for her. i like the pattern and the tam and it´s quick to knit ( if i wouldn´t make so much mistakes while counting my stitches and loose so much time ripping it up). i´m using the same wool (royal tweed by lana grossa in blue) and the same needles ( no. 4) as for my first one....but this one seems to be bigger - and i can´t see why. so i can only hope the the tam will fit.
last weekend i was also browsing the wonderful magazines laurie send to me and i fell in love with this vest (see above) from vogue knitting - i´m still knitting one and ordered some wool for another but it would be a nice project to start knitting with different colors, wouldn´t it?