Sonntag, 9. Juli 2006

third time is a charm

i needed a feeling of success: a fast knitting without any sewing, a quick project (2 skeins) and an easy to follow pattern. the first try was started at meet to knit on friday and was ribbled in the same night at home (too loose for my head - i couldn´t believe it. normally every hat or cap is too small). the second try was started with smaller needles and ribbled after the match yesterday (still too loose...).
so i started my sunday-knitting with two circulars no. 4 (a new method for me to work in the round) and now it´s finished and fits: my sunflower tam from "knitting nature".
ok - not wearable for the next 4 months but a nice and quick knitting and i´m looking forward to use it in autumn & winter.

i used about 70 gr royal tweed from lana grossa in orange. the gauge was perfect with needles no. 5 but now with the smaller needles the texture of the knitting suppose to be perfect for the tam.


  1. da ziehe ich den hut vor deiner ausdauer und geduld..ich hätte es in die ecke geworfen...

  2. Grosses Lob und ich dachte, nur ich habe so ein Klößkopp ;-)

  3. I have been lusting after that book, everyone seems to have it and be making such wonderful things. Are you making anything else?

    One Skein Pal

  4. I love your yarn choice! Super! Ich mach sicher noch ein Sunflower Tam.