Samstag, 22. Juli 2006

rejoicings and embraces

can you see this? that´s the incredible, gorgeous and awesome july parcel from my dear, hearty, mysterious one-skein-secret-pal!
some fine french biscuits and earl grey- tea (delicious!), a small bag made out of an provencal fabric for my small knitting projects, point protectors for my dpns, joss sticks rosemary and a wonderful paper art candle: it looks like an paperfolded crane! it´s so amazing!!
and there´s more to it than that: a sirdar loopa - makes funny boas without any knitting =) - and a perfect sirdar-loopa-boa-yarn: hand dyed chenille from colinette.
dear secret pal! now i will have some tea and biscuits, put my feet up and have some loopa experience. thank you so much for your wonderful, perfect, creative and inspiring present!

p.s.: this is my 100th post and i think nothing would be more worth to write about than my secret pal!