Freitag, 5. Januar 2007


besides the knitting i also love origami - although i´m not advanced in paperfolding i love to see the transformation from a two-dimesional sheet of paper to a three-dimensional object like kusudama (modular origami) or - today - the norm69 from simon karkov.
i got the lamp as a christmas-present (thank you sirs!): its a box with 69 parts which have to be folded and put together. this was my turn today. you need some patience but its worth it -
i think its time now for another kusudama-experience.


  1. That is absolutely gorgeous. I love getting gifts that you have a little part in creating.

  2. Hallo Kiki,
    diese Lampe ist ja toll! Und das ist wirklich sozusagen ein Bausatz? Einfach nur gut.

    LG, Christine

  3. Kiki,
    I am awed by your talents. The oragami is fabulous.

    I'm looking forward to sending your knit mitt swap package on the 16th!

    Take care.

    Your Knit Mitt SP