Samstag, 27. Oktober 2007

inspire your knitting

it´s end of october and that means more knitting-mags & more knitting-inspiration.
from claudia i got the actual issues of rebecca and filati #34 as well as the vogue knitting from last winter. and due to sabine i´m a proud owner of the IWK holiday gifts.
in fact i have no time at all for new projects (first of all all anais and megs scarf have to be finished and there are also three clues of swanlake left over to be knitted).
and i would like to present a lace scarf (maybe muir?) to my mother for christmas....

so i´m off browsing the new magazines and working on my projects. would like to show you some progress soon.

1 Kommentar:

  1. ... da kannst du richtig aus dem vollen schöpfen. ich bin noch etwas unentschlossen, welches projekt ich als nächstes angehen soll. wahrscheinlich widme ich mich jetzt erst mal ravelry und dann erst wieder der wolle. ein wunderschönes wochenende wünscht dir die maria