Montag, 2. Juli 2007

mystery - clue #1

last friday and also the weekend have been dedicated to the 1st clue of the mystery stole.
because i was off the whole friday afternoon, evening and half the night i started saturday in the afternoon.
i was a little bit excited about it: technics, pattern, how to decrease and so on. but everything worked well and i finished the 100th row (ws) yesterday about 8:30 pm. the picture shows you just a detail with some of the pearls slightly glowing (i think everybody knows yet how the 1st clue is looking like. also my knitted uru-wool doesn´t look like really lace before blocking. so it was just a little bit stretched for taking the picture).
a big thank you for your great compliments about the ogee lace skirt. i love to wear it and your comments make the feeling while wearing it more perfect.