Samstag, 28. Juli 2007

finishing, starting, planning - a little confused

time for a little update: i finished HP07 and am totally happy about this book. i cried, laughed and read breathless the whole book within 3 days. *sigh* i simply love it.
ok - my mystery stole and me had a little motivation-problem last week. i would like to finish the actual clue till next friday to start the 5th clue in time and also would like to do this lengthening-thing (another 85 rows) because i like the idea judith mentioned of "dramatically wrapping" it around. i have to speed up my knitting...
while reading and not knitting the mystery i started otto the owl with some merino from my stash (you know: HP and owls and so) and failed totally at knitting the eyes. the whole owl-face looked so oddly that i frogged it. i have to try it again in a calm minute. all the ears, wings and the back are done and waiting for the front.
and because it so boring with all my started projects i remembered drew barrymore wearing this lovely shrug in music and lyrics (see above).
i have to have a shrug and now i´m looking for possible patterns. any guesses?