Montag, 7. Mai 2007

quidditch round 01

1. Who isn't or hasn't been a Quidditch captain?
Cho Chang

2. Who are the Gryffindor chasers? (books 1-5)
Alicia, Angelina and Katie

3. Who are the Slytherin beaters? (books 1-4)
Derrik and Bole

4. What type of broom isn't made anymore?
Silver Arrow

5. The Slytherin team all ride the same broom, what is it?
Nimbus 2001

6. Which of these is not a Quidditch team?
Tudshill Tornados (correct would be: Tutshill Tornados

7. Who is Head of Hufflepuff House?
Professor Sprout

8. Which Hufflepuff student is reported to have been one of the only peple to have ever given Hufflepuff success?
Cedric Diggory

9. In Book 1 who was the first Hufflepuff student to be sorted?
Hannah Abbott

10. What is the emblem of Hufflepuff House?

ps: lena found the golden snitch! hooray!!

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