Donnerstag, 31. Mai 2007

hogwarts sock kit swap - the bag & everything

lena made such a charming kit for me and everything was so thoughtful:
the bag is perfectly seized for knitting projects and i love the colors turquoise & brown.
for my hogwart socks i got a magic skein sockyarn with bamboo hand-dyed from our friend andrea in brown, gold and ocher (like the lion of gryffindor) and also a pattern for knitting socks toe-up.

for this project i will really need my new knitting wands from mr. ollivander himself: two sets of takumi bamboo dpns in 2,25 as well as my yellow chibi with new tapestry needles.
and look here for the enchanting details:
nevilles toad, the box from mr. ollivander and the great stitchmarkers in gryffindor colors!

lena made also a small bag with a zipper to store the yarn and for my entertaining while knitting and waiting for HP 07 she included a box of bertie bott’s every flavor beans as well as 2 DVD´s (the sorcerer stone and the chamber of secrets).

it was so funny that you´ve been my pal and eyerything is so amazing and gorgeous. thank you so much, lena!