Dienstag, 19. Dezember 2006

an unexpected trip & last orders

today a spontanous trip directed us to darmstadt and i cought the ball by the bounce to visit (among other things) the famous woll-bachmann. this yarn-shop exists since 1912 and has everything - i think so =)
it was so inspiring to see all the yarn live - however i only bought some yarn for onother débardeur. a quick, nice project to knit while traveling by train next weekend.
i would like to finish all my started projects this year: one fetching needs still a thumb (ok - no problem), the second embossed leaves - sock needs a little more attention (sigh) and there´s still the fantastic oriental yarn from andrea.
hmmmm - time could run short...


  1. Is that a picture of the yarn store?

  2. this is a wonderful suggestion! - it would be the right and adequate ambiance for a yarnstore.
    buts its a detail of the beautiful "mathildenhöhe" - an former art déco artist colony. now there´s a museum ( with fantastic exhibitions) and also a nice café.
    i didn´t take a picture of the yarn store - you can find it right in the middle of an picturesque neighbourhood.

  3. Hallo Kiki,
    da habe ich sooo lange bei Wolle Bachmann um die Ecke gewohnt und war nie drin. Lohnt es sich?

  4. @ antje:
    auf alle fälle ist es prima zum gucken und anfassen und man findet sicher immer was, was das mitnehmen lohnt.
    aber so schön wie die mathildenhöhe ist er nicht =)