Samstag, 19. Januar 2008

it´s just a squatty sidekick-progress report

two skeins of plymouth boku (95% wool, 5 % silk and one of my favourite yarns, but you can´t get it here in germany) and i got this weird idea to use it for my 1st felting project and another bag.
it was knitted yesterday evening while meeting and knitting and cast off this afternoon.
measures before felting: 13x9 inches.....

and here we are after the felting attempts this afternoon: my squatty sidekick with 10x5,5 inches - it needed 60°C to start felting but i´m thinking about to finish the process with 80°C. so the button is only for some decoration and the bag was stuffed with some paper for this photo. it´s a so lovely pattern and i´m really happy about the output so far.
Have a wonderful knitty weekend!