Mittwoch, 26. September 2007

anais 01

what´s looking like some self-knitted lawn is the beginning of anais from norah gaughan´s volume one. it´s a great pattern book and i would like best to knit all these wonderful designs - just my style.
so - ignoring all my started stuff - i casted on for anais with some smooth, gras-green alpaca
from drops (col. 7238) and began to knit front and back in rounds. till now i reached almost the height (adding some length) to start shaping the armholes. since knitting stockinette isn´t really exciting i´m now looking forward to try the spider-web for the neckline.


  1. wollte grad pöbeln, wo denn der angekündigte bericht bleibt und siehe da: eingestellt!
    schön grün...
    lg, sab

  2. Regina Regenbogen26 September, 2007 16:49

    Hallo Kiki,
    ein tolles Modell hast du dir mit Anais ausgesucht. Die Farbe ist einfach nur genial.

    Liebe Grüße

  3. That is a gorgeous green, how are you getting on with Anais? I love the header on your 'winter' blog. How do you change it? In the template? I can just about cope with putting things in the sidebar though I do know a little HTML