Montag, 24. März 2008

fickle colored & fickle fingered

due to gene kelly the fickle finger scarf was finished yesterday.
the winter 05 issue was my first iwk-mag and since two years this scarf was noticed as to be knit one time. and after another 5 months at my ravelry-queue i got the perfect yarn - zitron ethno (thank you, lena!) - and a perfect purpose to start the blue version: the miss marple knit- and read-along.
i used up 2 skeins zitron ethno col. 95 /needles: 5mm| us 8 / 8x47 inch - although it´s a short scarf it works fine and the pattern looks so lovely around the neck. and i hope my pal will have as much fun wearing it as i while knitting it.

edit (04/04/08): safely and quickly arrived in norway within two days! have a look....

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